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Have just noticed that Duolingo have mothballed their entire discussion forums at some point over the last few weeks, and have even gone so far as to nuke their announcement and explanation of their doing so. This explains with hindsight the increasingly terse and obfuscatory (not to mention diminishing) input to said forums from their (volunteer) mods over the past few years, and certainly seems illustrative when seen in the light of the one-two combo of tacky gamification feature-creep and declining quality control more generally.

All of which is to say that, as I approach a 650-day streak on the platform, it’s probably time to bail on it: having completed the Swedish tree some time ago, I’m mostly just repracticing a limited range of sentences which I am likely getting right through pattern recall as much as actual linguistic learning—though maybe that’s not as big a distinction as I think?—and the signs and portents suggest that new material, if it is to be forthcoming, is unlikely to arrive soon, nor to be of good quality.

Don’t wanna give up the daily practice routine, though; limited as it may be, Duolingo has been a boon. So now begins the search for a replacement… I’ve seen various recommendations for Clozemaster, and might give that a try. But if anyone reading this blog has better tips for language-learning softwares (which feature Swedish among their offer, natch), do please pipe up in comments or via the contact form. Tack så mycket!

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