ecocultural theory top ten of the Teens

Not sure where I saw this one, but Adrian Ivakhiv has done a round-up of the ten best books on ecocultural theory of the Twentyteens. Fairly pleased to note that I’ve read two of them (both of which are actually in the top three—that’ll be Tsing’s Mushroom and Saint Donna’s Staying With the Trouble, for the record), and have three more of them on the shelves at my office, waiting to be read (Latour, Clark, Morton). The honourable mentions list is also full of gems, one of which I’ve read and two more of which are in the TBR queue.

So it looks like I’ve now got another dozen or so titles to requisition in the new year… and a new (or rather quite old, albeit new-to-me) blog to follow. Lovely!

(Worth noting that Ivakhiv has not mentioned any of his own titles at all, many of which look pretty interesting in the own right.)

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