(late) winter wonder-Lund

I’m given to understand that the weather here in Skåne has been somewhat unusual this season, which is to say unusually clear-skied and sunny; that certainly tallies with my experience from last year, which was of around five months of relentless grey overcast from late October to mid March. It’s still pretty brisk, mind you, but if the cold is the price of the light, then it’s a price I’m happy to pay.

I’m further assuming, based on the number of other people taking photographs, that the condition of Lundagård this morning—frosted trees beneath a clear, bright sky; see above—is also unusual enough (and pretty enough) to merit documenting. As the sunlight warmed the trees, the frost fell to earth from the branches, like some weird inversion of the way snowfall usually works. Walking from the station to the campus, tiny crystals of frost caught up by the wind made the sky sparkle in the corner of your eye, as if static were coming through in the very backdrop of reality—which is kinda apropos of the circumstances, I suppose. Evanescent beauty in the context of the same old tragedy.

And so it goes.

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