Just listened to this podcast episode from the New Book Network’s Critical Theory channel, an interview with David Wills on the 25th-anniversary (slightly edited) edition of his book Prosthesis and, well—if the book produces a proportional amount of pyrotechnics in my mind, then it’s clearly going to be one of those hugely important texts that I’ll wish I’d read long ago:

(Note for the few regular readers still out there: yeah, been a bit quiet here lately, hasn’t it? Slowly recovering from the fractured talus has a fair bit to do with that… but to be honest, so has slowly recovering from the massive damage done by said injury, as well as by the slump of the darker solstice, to what passes for my system of scheduling work to be done to deadline. The good news is that I’ve pretty much shovelled out the Augean stables of backlog at this point, which means I can get back to a) my actual core project, and b) blogging. And perhaps also c) the rather more vexed and poorly articulated question of where those two things combine and overlap…)

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