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For me, this odd tableau at Historika Museet here in Lund felt very now in a dozen different ways, from the literal to the figurative. Also a weird vindication of wasting a few hours of a heretofore steadfastly unproductive and overcast Friday afternoon.

Did I mention I hate autumn? Sure, it’s pretty, the colours on the trees, I get it. Halloween, your favourite jumper; I’m glad it works for you. But I’m a summer creature, and for me even deepest winter itself is more bearable than these dull and miserly shortening days that herald its coming. If there were some ursine biological hack that would let me settle down now into six months of total hibernatory somnolence, only to arise again in April and go the following six months without so much as closing my eyes, I would sign up without hesitation…

One thought on “provide your own interpretation”

  1. I work with Americans who can’t understand why I don’t like autumn. But here in Nee Zealand it’s just as you describe: a steady decrease in temperature, an increase in the frequency of shitty rainy weather, and a general closing-in of prospects until the process reverses in spring.

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