rear window

The current view from my armchair. By way of an update for those wondering why things went a bit quiet here: I hit a motivational slump in late January, and then finished the month off by fumbling the last move on a 6b+ slab problem at Klättercentret, falling a couple of meters, and fracturing the talus in my left foot. Eleven days in a cast so far, thirty one left to go.

As such, I’m seeing even less of the world outside my apartment than before. But as the pic above shows, the light is slowly clawing its way back into the world. This morning I heard the seagulls squabbling outside. By the time my cast comes off, spring will be at the door, waiting to show me around.

Until then, I have four weeks to get my intellectual motivation back in shape, and to work on keeping what paltry physical strength I’d managed to build up in my fingers, arms and shoulders. The world spins on, and we spiral and loop in its wake as best we can…

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