screech all you like, you will never fly

Clearly this place is turning into some sort of all-Sam-Kriss-all-the-time Tumblr rip-off, but what the heck—I’ve got two full days of workshops to be in, so quickie reblog content is all there’s time for.

But when that content is perhaps the most concisely perspicacious summary of the two different ways to read Nietzsche, surely we should all be grateful, hmm?

These days, Nietzsche’s philosophy is usually pressed into the service of some very dull, piggish types, who think they ought to have power simply because they don’t resemble lambs. If they preen their feathers, if they keen loudly enough, if they’re capable of acts of careless cruelty, then they must be the eagle. This is one reading. But I like the other implication. If you hate anything, anything at all, even your most despised enemy, if you have the tiniest speck of hatred and resentment in your soul—then you are not an eagle. Screech all you like. You will never fly.




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