själe om en nya maskin

TFW you ask your employers for a new computer, and they give you free choice within a generous budget. Hell, I’m even allowed to put Linux on it. Blessed be.

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  1. Do you want to do a brief post on what you chose and whether all the hardware works with Linux? Tools of the trade and all that.

  2. Um, kinda not really? I mean, I’m really not a *nix “power user”–I rarely open a terminal–or otherwise at all qualified to opine on what’s worth using or not, and I’ve learned to my peril in previous times that having a public opinion on such matters is an open invitation for Very Knowledgeable Neckbeards to magically show up and start telling you just how wrong you are…

    But the choice was simple enough: I went with Lenovo because their hardware has stood the test of experience, both personally and more generally, and they’ve been really good about making drivers for *nix available easily and regularly; I went with a Thinkpad, because they’re basically as close as you can get to mil-spec in terms of durability and reliability; and I went with an 8th-gen Carbon X1 because that was about as high up the chain of quality as the budget would allow!

    Having had it out of the box this morning, I’m amazed at how light it is (barely over 1kg, I think), and after the obligatory faffing about with turning off features I neither want or need via the BIOS, I stuffed Linux Mint 20.1 on it from a USB installer, and we’re off to the races. Happy days. 🙂

  3. That was basically all I wanted to know! A friend has been struggling with drivers for a late-model laptop (an MSI, I think), and it’s been a long while since I installed anything on a brand new machine. I too fear the neckbeards, even though I’m coming up on 20 years using Linux exclusively on my personal machines.

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