the negative positive

Well, then—that’s the agenda for the next week determined, I guess.

Had a lousy night last night, all roiling guts and mild fever, and got out of bed this morning feeling like I’d been gargling glass (and sounding like the whitest of all Barry White impersonators). Those two lines have just confirmed my suspicions as to the cause, and have prompted the inevitable messaging to people I’ve been around over the last five days or so; thankfully it’s not a big list.

On the bright side, I already feel an order of magnitude better than I did twelve hours ago—so I’m hoping that vaccination is working its magic, and this thing’s gonna clear off fairly fast.

That said, I have a job application to finish and file by end of play Tuesday, and I’m not really in the optimal state for doing it… but ain’t no one gonna do it for me. Selah.

3 thoughts on “the negative positive”

  1. Hi Paul, Happy New Year – although at present it might not feel like it! I hope that the vaccine does do it’s job and make this a relatively short-lived and difficulty-free period. Look after yourself and know that we are thinking good thoughts your way from Sheffield. All the best for a speedy recovery, Julia & Doug

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