08APR24 / accessions

Nice that the seasons have shifted sufficiently that there’s now natural light by which to photograph newly accessioned items, eh?

Pilates for Men: presumably self-explanatory, especially if one is reminded that the institution’s head is a man in his late 40s who recently quit nicotine, and who does not want to buy a whole new wardrobe. (You should see him sweating it out on the rowing machine at the climbing gym, it’s a scream.)

Pollack’s Seventy-Eight Degrees: the institution is reengaging with the tarot, and with divination more broadly, for professional reasons as well as personal. Pollack’s work comes highly recommended in the field.

Baker’s Questioning: can’t recall exactly where the institution caught wind of this, but can recall very clearly the frustration encountered while trying recently to re-read Russell’s very dated doorstopper take on the topic. High time we had a new history of Western philosophy… and interesting that it should be such a slim volume.

Hyde’s The Gift: this title had been heretofore dismissed as just another arts-oriented self-help tome, but a number of synchronicitous recommendations by trusted sources have pushed it into the accessions queue.

Not shown, but very definitely accessioned—as you will notice if you should decide to browse my library—are a growing number of compact discs, predominantly of albums that I used to listen to in the Nineties. Blame an intellectual and moral objection to streaming services that I can no longer shrug off, combined with the observation that, since obtaining access to something close to all recorded music ever for the price of a beer or two a month, I find that I actually listen to far fewer hours of music than I did back in the days when I had only a couple dozen albums, the majority of which were poorly dubbed tape copies of stuff I couldn’t afford to buy. Perhaps when my choices are more constrained, I will better appreciate my decisions? We’ll see, I suppose.



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