09JAN23 / accessions

Moore & O’Neill’s League omnibus: somehow the institution never got around to acquiring this one, nor even reading it? It was mentioned at Eruditorium Press a few weeks back, it was there on the shelf, and the department did what the department does.

Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time: because all sorts of people—including the sort of folk you’d not expect it from—have raved about Tchaikovsky’s stuff for ages, and the majority of them will say that this is the place to start with his long sequences, unless you’re seriously arachnophobic. The institution has grown leery in recent years of long series of novels, and had resisted Tchaikovsky for that reason, but an encounter last year with three of his novellas bound as a single paperback was enough to suggest that there is very clearly a there there, so here we go.

(The institution actually met Tchaikovsky years ago, when he was just at the start of his career; it may have been at an event around the Clarke Award, some time in the Noughties? Anyway, lovely chap.)

The department would like to apologise for the quality of this accessions cataloguing image, which is worse than even our established low standards. The lack of decent light in Malmö during January provides an explanation, but not an excuse.




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