11JUN20 / accessions

Shamelessly reestablishing old vices, here… but when Lunds Kommun permits people to set up a second-hand book stall directly between the train station and the social science faculty’s corner of the campus, well, what’s an addict to do?

Some serendipitous finds, though. Bought a far more recent (and much more expensive) copy of Capital Vol 1 not long ago, but I’m a sucker for a matching set; Illich’s Tools has been on my need-to-find list since discovering yer man L M Sacasas, who leans very hard on Illich’s work; a cheap Marcuse (with cover art that seems to have been done someone who did a lot of sf paperbacks back in the day—see below*) was a no-brainer, as were the Tiptree and Le Guin.

The history of Skåne is in Swedish, but I need to start training my comprehension on harder material than Duolingo can provide, so this should be a suitably motivational text for that… I’ve also been promised some Le Guin paperbacks in Swedish, which should be a great self-teaching tool. Gotta be easier to pull yourself through a story in a second language if it’s one you already know and love, right?

Not a bad haul for 100SEK — maybe £8 or so?

(It’s lucky that I have an office with shelves now, though.)

[ * – The artist is not credited on the book; I know it’s not David Pelham, but it’s someone from that same era, I think. If anyone can tell me who it is, I’d be most appreciative. ]

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