14AUG20 / accessions

It is extremely sweet to have access to funds with which to buy academic texts for work purposes. The only challenge is avoiding the temptation to rinse it too hard…

Been a busy week here; production deadline on RG1.0 is looming, and editorial tasks eat up a lot of hours. Been experimenting with keeping a time ledger, though, which not only avoids that “where did the day go?” thing, but also seems to work at making me get on with things instead of, y’know, writing about stuff on the internet. Next step, I suppose, is to start *planning* time for writing about stuff on the internet… but not until this project’s put to bed. Onwards!



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  1.  avatar

    Aramis is a solid story, great early latour, but it is an entirely different mode than the later modes of existence stuff. good haul though

  2. Paul Raven avatar

    Yeah, interested more in _Aramis_ for its focus on concrete infrastructure, but I’m on Team Latour in a pretty general sense also. 🙂

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