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23JUN20 / accessions

It’s so good to live in a city with a store that carries books like this without your having to order them in special.

(Hell knows you pay for that privilege, though… but on the other hand, I’m glad to pay enough for books that the people selling them to me can be properly taken care of as employees. All the literature, none of the guilt. Fuck Amazon.)

11JUN20 / accessions

Shamelessly reestablishing old vices, here… but when Lunds Kommun permits people to set up a second-hand book stall directly between the train station and the social science faculty’s corner of the campus, well, what’s an addict to do?

Some serendipitous finds, though. Bought a far more recent (and much more expensive) copy of Capital Vol 1 not long ago, but I’m a sucker for a matching set; Illich’s Tools has been on my need-to-find list since discovering yer man L M Sacasas, who leans very hard on Illich’s work; a cheap Marcuse (with cover art that seems to have been done someone who did a lot of sf paperbacks back in the day—see below*) was a no-brainer, as were the Tiptree and Le Guin.

The history of Skåne is in Swedish, but I need to start training my comprehension on harder material than Duolingo can provide, so this should be a suitably motivational text for that… I’ve also been promised some Le Guin paperbacks in Swedish, which should be a great self-teaching tool. Gotta be easier to pull yourself through a story in a second language if it’s one you already know and love, right?

Not a bad haul for 100SEK — maybe £8 or so?

(It’s lucky that I have an office with shelves now, though.)

[ * – The artist is not credited on the book; I know it’s not David Pelham, but it’s someone from that same era, I think. If anyone can tell me who it is, I’d be most appreciative. ]