maintaining my empire of kicking

Twice in one week for Philosophy Bear? Looks that way, yeah.

If I kick Job three times and kick Rob once and then try to recruit Rob into maintaining my kicking scheme because he’s only getting kicked once, I think saying that Rob is privileged is wrong. But more than just wrong, it’s exactly the view that I, in maintaining my empire of kicking, want Rob and Job to believe. I want Rob to believe he’s getting a good deal in only getting kicked once! The idea of privilege is the idea that, for example, white supremacy wants whites to (covertly) hold about themselves. In reality, only very rich people are in any sense really ‘privileged’ by the system.

In the future, we will look back in astonishment at the idea that anyone ever thought it was a good idea to tell white straight men that they were the winners of oppression in order to try and get them to participate in abolishing it!

“No notes”, as the kids say.



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