models that might help us grasp how movements grow and shift

Clipping a short reply from (of all places) LinkedIn, because I feel like I made a point here that I’m going to want to be able to find and repeat.

So, in discussion of the talk I’m giving tomorrow:

To be clear, it’s not that politics *is* fandom; it’s that they work in strongly analogous ways. The value of this insight, for me at least, is it provides a set of tools which might be adapted. Political science is still largely devoid of any substantive account of micro political dynamics; anything smaller than a party just doesn’t register. But fandom studies has long been watching and understanding schismatic conflicts over narrative forks; there are models there that might help us grasp the way movements grow, shift and split around the stories at their centers.

There we go, then. This blog post was brought to you from a train somewhere just north of Växjö. I hope your Monday is similarly transporting.



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