Category: Worldbuilding

  • Malmö music futures: Waves of the Blue Sea

    Three stories from me this time, based on three scenarios produced by a gloriously eccentric batch of participants in four full days of collaborative foresight exploration of “the futures of sound and song”.

  • models that might help us grasp how movements grow and shift

    Clipping a short reply from (of all places) LinkedIn, because I feel like I made a point here that I’m going to want to be able to find and repeat. So, in discussion of the talk I’m giving tomorrow: To be clear, it’s not that politics *is* fandom; it’s that they work in strongly analogous…

  • in Copenhagen, “The Future” is dead

    in Copenhagen, “The Future” is dead

    As not-very-subtly hinted yesterday, I have another talk in the calendar, this one at the much better-known (and rather less polar-proximal) location of Copenhagen, taking place from 3pm CET on Thursday 25th April. It’s always nice to be asked to give a talk, but it’s extra special when they make and print a poster for…

  • Västerbotten bound

    Västerbotten bound

    I said I had announcements, and I wasn’t kidding. I’m doing a bunch of public stuff this month, which is nice—not least because it gets me out of the house. The first of these is on the afternoon of Tuesday 16th April, and this talk will take me further north than I have ever been…

  • divestor storytime: reading “Village People”at Media Evolution

    divestor storytime: reading “Village People”at Media Evolution

    I keep promising an in-depth post about the Media Evolution collaborative foresight cycle I was involved with late last year. Apologies, but this is not that in-depth post—partly because I’m currently very busy working on the next collaborative foresight cycle (of which ME do three each year), among various other client-facing things. But this post…