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  • the lesson of trees

    To take a train north from MalmΓΆ in mid-October is a little like boarding a time machine, accelerating into the oncoming autumn. At the outset, the deciduous trees are only lightly touched with reds and russets, but with every mile travelled they blaze into orange and yellow, and later the ochres and burnt umbers of…

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  • mixing McLuhan and Marx (Butlerian coda)

    Sometimes you write a thing in a fit of emotional response, and then the universe sidles up, says “oh, that pushed your buttons, did it?” and offers you another hit, and you demonstrate your own weakness to yourself once again, returning like a dog to its own vomit, because it’s just too damned perfect an…

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  • Butlerian jihad (slight return)

    I have mostly tried to avoid both consuming and contributing to The “AI” Discourse, having in essence made my point almost a year ago and encountered little since then that has served to do anything but reinforce my feelings on the matter. But I’m breaking that fast for this observation, which is really (and perhaps…

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  • cards on the table

    … cards in your hand. That’s what you can expect to get the next time you meet me in person—because there ain’t much point in getting business cards printed unless you put them in people’s hands, right? (This logotype was designed for me a few years back by Bevin Richardson, a.k.a. ENSO. Nice to be…

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  • shelved

    Well, would you look at that. For an assortment of reasons, but mostly happenstance, the vast majority of my fiction has been published in the US, and/or by fairly small presses. As such, I think this is the only time I’ve been able to just wander into a bookstore—my local bookstore, in this case, namely…

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