Optimization theatre

The evolution of a society is an arms race between the fragile evolution of false consciousness myths and the robust evolution of mutually assured mediocrity equilibria. That’s how you slouch towards utopia.

Venkatesh Rao, one of the most genuinely original and iconoclastic thinkers there is. If you wanted to write a story about a consultant who cheerfully and openly undermines the litany of assumptions about how the consultancy business — and indeed all business — works, and yet continues to to be a pretty successful consultant, this is your source material. (And boy, is there a whole lot of it, too.)

Take it easy / take it out on me

Monday morning earworm — a much-loved tune from my formative years, which captures the frantic energy between my ears right now. It’s been a hectic week, with most of weekend eaten up by finishing a funding bid; this week’s shaping up to be pretty manic, too, and a welcome set of emails has just confirmed that the next few months are gonna be much the same. But hey, I didn’t get into this game to twiddle my thumbs, did I? (Actually, don’t answer that.)

The game is afoot: the going got weird, so the weird turned pro. Time to do the work.